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As seen on BBC2, Channel 4 and TEDx

"Miss Rozina Ali, as featured in BBC2's flagship science documentary series Horizon "The Truth about looking Young" is one of very few female plastic surgeons operating in the U.K. today. An expert on most things female she exudes warmth and charisma"

Cadogan Clinic

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Miss Ali

"Rozina is one of the most inspirational Plastic Surgeons in the UK. She is a top quality Surgeon and natural communicator and this combined with a strong work ethic and dedication combines to make her one of the leading Plastic Surgeons of her generation. As a patient her surgery is top rate, as a colleague she is exemplary and as a media personality she is unparalleled."

Adrian Richards, Aurora Clinics

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty"


"I have always been impressed with her professionalism, diligence and collegiality… On top of her professional skills and talents, Miss Ali is a very warm and friendly individual, always ready to listen, advise and help."

Prof Maria Siemionow, Face Transplant Pioneer

"To be happy with yourself is by no means a superficial desire"

Ivo Pitanguy

"Rozina – a gem in the field of reconstructive microsurgery and a darling in person.  A wise woman who is always eager and willing to learn. She is never afraid to dream the great dreams, and be ambitious in pursuing her goals. Dr. Ali’s love for her job as well as her optimism in the face of challenges are what makes her different from other ordinary doctors..."

Prof Ming-huei Cheng, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Rozina Ali greatly impressed me with her intelligence and dedication to the specialty of plastic surgery... I could perceive her great medical culture and surgical ability"

Ivo Pitanguy

Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetic surgery is my specialist area of expertise and my passion. I have sought to become as highly trained and experienced breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon as possible. I have studied the subject extensively, written papers, book chapters and presented on the subject nationally and internationally.

Reconstructive Surgery

The practice of microvascular reconstruction refers to the movement of tissues (bone, muscle, fat, or skin) from one part (donor site) to another (recipient site) where there is a deficit or absence of tissue. Micro-vascular simply refers to the small size of the blood vessels that need to be re-connected, using a microscope, if blood is to flow through the moved tissue.

Facial Aesthetics

My facial aesthetics practice is founded on a firm knowledge of facial anatomy and function. I am involved in the evolution of increasingly nuanced, 3-dimensional facelifts that are about correcting sagging underlying structures, removing excess tissues, re-draping facial skin, sculpting cheek mounds and using fat to give contour and depth to a face. I am also a firm advocate of the judicious and timely use of minimally-invasive methods of facial rejuvenation.

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