Rozina’s facial aesthetics practice is founded on an accurate knowledge of facial anatomy and a keen understanding of the effects of ageing on the separate components.

Face lift

Prices from £9,800

Ageing, illness, sun exposure, weight loss can each have detrimental effects on the various facial components:-  bone structure, dentition, soft tissue, muscle volume and fat compartments. Loss of facial volume and poor quality or aged inelastic skin can result in unwanted wrinkles, deep lines or grooves, loose skin and jowls, all of which can be surgically addressed by a facelift.

Facelifts are not just about removing excess skin but about tightening the firm tissue layer covering the underlying muscles (SMAS layer), repositioning the soft tissue and gently redraping the skin to leave a natural looking rejuvenated face. Facelifts are particularly effective at correcting the lower face and neck and are designed for the scars to be well hidden around the ear or in the hairline.

Rozina’s passion is the practice of elegant surgery and she enjoys offering beautiful, nuanced, 3-dimensional facelifts that reposition sagging underlying structures, remove excess skin and are offered in combination with fat as a natural filler to reinflate the superficial and deep fat pads and return contours and depth to a face.


67 yr old post Facelift & Necklift.

Neck Lift

Focused correction of loose skin or excess fat under the chin is an increasingly popular request from men and women of all ages. A contoured jawline and chin can be treated with open excision and removal of fat and tightening of the underlying muscles. The scar is placed behind the chin crease and not easily visible. Rozina offers such surgery as a day case procedure or in combination with a full facelift.

49 yr old male.

With ageing and hormonal changes, skin loses its natural elasticity, causing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and excess skin. This is most prominent early on around the eyes.  Thus, the skin of upper or lower eyelids may sag and look creased, often along with some bulging or herniation of fat of the lower lids – the classic “bags under eyes” appearance.

Blepharoplasty refers to trimming of excess skin, removal or shrinkage of excess fat and in the case of lower eyelid bags, the restraining ligament can be released and the fat of the lower eye re-draped to soften the lid-cheek junction. This results in more youthful, open looking eyes with skin that is tighter and smoother. Blepharoplasty is a remarkably effective procedure in achieving instant rejuvenation of the upper half of the face. The scar is designed to be placed discreetly within the eyelid crease and if required, extended into a natural crow’s line.

Surgery is usually carried out as a local anaesthetic day case procedure, or can be carried out in combination with other aesthetic procedures such as a neck lift or facelift.


Prices from £2,700

57 yr old lady, lower lid blepharoplasty.

48 yr old lady, upper lid blepharoplasty.

MACS lift 

The MACS lift refers to minimal access facelift which limits the scar to the front of the ear with no extension behind the ear or into the hairline. Dr Rozina Ali offers the MACS lift to younger clients with no neck concerns. The MACS lift is usually combined with fat filling of the central face to optimise outcome. Patient selection is pivotal and allows Rozina to offer surgery with minimal scars, minimal downtime and maximal benefit.

Lip Lift

With age we grow long in the tooth (gums recede) and long in the lip. Lip lift refers to the excision of excess skin of the upper lip. Rozina can very effectively lift the upper lip with with a skilful local anaesthetic day case procedure that hides the scar discretely under the nose. Rozina is astute in the assessment of the central face and is pleased to offer guidance as to which procedures would be most beneficial and rejuvenating for individual faces.

Direct brow lift

As we age, the eyebrows sag and move lower, making people look angry or frowning and making the upper eyelid feel heavy or look droopy. Women often deal with sagging brows by plucking and shaping brows to make them appear more arched and higher. Dr Rozina Ali offers the direct brow lift to men and women with heavy or sagging brows. The procedure is a popular local anaesthetic procedure, the male lift can be designed to lift the whole brow whereas with women it’s more effective to lift the lateral brow. More often than not Dr Rozina Ali combines a lateral brow lift with a blepharoplasty to maximally rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the upper third of the face.