Skincare is an essential element in effective facial rejuvenation or any aesthetic programme. Ageing involves changes to skin, soft tissue and underlying bone structure therefore consideration of the skin and soft tissue changes is central to successful facial anti-ageing. My non-surgical rejuvenation consultations include a discussion on skincare as do all facial surgery consultations.

The art of ongoing skincare is to transform the process into a pleasurable ritual. A programme to nurture and nourish your skin and yourself.

I recommend gentle cleansing that does not strip oils from the face to leave it dry, toning and rehydrating of skin with the return of essential moisture and oils. Night rituals include therapeutic ingredients that replenish and treat the skin, whereas daytime rituals act to protect the skin with antioxidants and SPF.

Anyone serious about improving their skin condition or maximising surgical results should be using an anti-oxidant serum daily to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on collagen. Robust regular sun protection is essential.

I favour a small collection of skincare products that have good science underpinning them, proven ingredients and excellent outcomes.

Obagi Nu-derm

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This is my preferred skin care programme for skin that needs significant improvement. It’s a simple but powerful regimen that contains prescription strength medication.

The day regimen contains the following six elements:- Cleanser, toner, antioxidant serum, pigment controller (with or without hydroquinone), exfoliator and sun protection.

The night regimen adds in prescription strength tretinoin (vitamin A) mixed with a blender and foregoes antioxidant and sun protection.

The protocol is powerful and effective but requires careful monitoring since Obagi Nu-derm is associated with a down-time (peeling, redness, tightness) for a short initial period.

Successful skincare requires compliance and commitment to obtain the best results.


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The NeoStrata Co skin care ranges are intensively researched, clinically proven, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It's an excellent first line for those with reasonable skin or those preferring a high-end, luxurious feel to therapeutic skincare.

NeoStrata Co was started in the USA by a dermatologist and biochemist and is very much research-driven. Neostrata Co developed AHAs (alpha-hydroxyacids), PHAs (polyhydroxyacids) and bionic PHAs all of which regulate skin function, hydration and thickness.

NeoStrata Co leads the global peel market with highly effective no-downtime Glycolic acid nutritive skin peels, which I regularly recommend to my clients.


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SkinCeuticals are a skincare industry staple due to their wide-range of products and excellent training and service. They relentlessly continue to improve all their formulae and add in emerging technologies.

They target specific areas (eyes, lips) and specific skin conditions to produce a wide range of products for normal and abnormal skin types. Their products are driven by a rigorously scientific basis and expert knowledge of the needs of the clinician and the consumer.

They recently launched mineral Eye UV defence to their antioxidant eye gel and AGE eye complex regimen. This level of attention to detail to a single area of the face and such a willingness to address every aspect of skincare is innovative.

IS Clinical

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Formulated using only the highest pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients, iS CLINICAL® is a globally acclaimed range of clinically proven luxury prescriptive cosmeceuticals that combine traditional botanical medicine with advanced technological formulation expertise.

Developed by an elite panel of pharmacologists, doctors and experts in molecular biology and biochemistry, the range features a comprehensive professional and treatment portfolio of results driven formulations for treating skin conditions such as Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Scar management and Rosacea as well as offering exceptional results within the anti ageing market, post procedure and recovery.


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This comprises a very good value sun-care range (SPF 50) that comes in various formulae: gel, crème, fluid or airgel; in various shades and tints and leaves the skin with a lovely dewy glow. I like to commence people on Heliocare sun protection since it is an excellent quality product that has enough variations to suit virtually all skin types and lifestyles. It contains fernblock technology and prevents sun damage to skin DNA, fibroblasts and immune cells as well as functioning as an antioxidant.


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My practice is delighted to be selected as one of only a limited number of UK clinics for this innovative and game-changing skin care line. Pharmacologically proven, therapeutic skin health ingredients are used – packaged in dinky little pods. A detailed specialist questionnaire addresses YOUR skin concerns then the various active ingredients are mixed into the day and night creams to make up an individualized, responsive product suited to your skin needs. The pharmacological compounds penetrate deep into the skin and are quickly and visibly effective.

As skin changes, the product ingredients can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing optimization of skin.

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"



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