Dr Rozina Ali favours a small collection of skincare products that have good science underpinning them, proven ingredients and excellent outcomes.



For Dr Rozina Ali, Allel is the future. It’s science and philosophy lead the way:  We all age, but we age differently. It used to be believed that environmental factors largely affect how our skin ages, but increasingly science is showing that as much as 50-60% of our ageing is dependent on our DNA.

This is the most empowering information anyone concerned about ageing well needs to know. If we can determine what are our personal key drivers to ageing, we can mitigate risk factors and treat more wisely. 

Allel has broken down the key drivers into 5 categories: - intrinsic-aging, Glyc-aging, photo ageing, oxid-aging and inflamm-aging and developed luxurious and therapeutic serums and creams to deal with each driver. 

The DNA analysis, evaluation of lifestyle factors, products and advice re other useful skin rejuvenation techniques, makes Allel a plastic surgeon’s dream and the definitive answer for most clients.


IS Clinical

Formulated using only the highest pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients, IS CLINICAL® is an acclaimed range of clinically proven prescriptive cosmeceuticals that combine traditional botanical medicine with advanced technological formulation.

The range features a comprehensive professional and treatment portfolio offering exceptional results within the anti ageing market and post procedure. Dr Rozina Ali particularly favours the advanced anti-oxidant formulations and the microencapsulate sun protection that allows maximally effective sun protection through a combination of barrier and encapsulated chemical protection. 



The NeoStrata Co. skincare ranges are intensively researched, clinically proven, easy to use and an excellent first line for those with reasonable skin or those preferring a high-end, luxurious feel to therapeutic skincare. Dr Rozina Ali favours the skin Active range for skin that needs decisive action.

NeoStrata Co. are leaders in developing AHAs (alpha-hydroxyacids) and PHAs (polyhydroxyacids) which regulate skin function, hydration and thickness. 

One of Rozina’s favourite Neostrata products are the new retinol peel, designed to address wrinkles and pigmentation. NeoStrata leads the global peel market with highly effective no-downtime Glycolic acid nutritive skin peels.


Obagi Nu-derm

This is Dr Rozina Ali’s preferred skin care programme for skin that needs significant improvement. It’s a simple but powerful regimen that contains prescription strength medication.

The day regimen contains six elements: - Cleanser, toner, antioxidant serum, pigment controller (with or without hydroquinone), exfoliator and sun protection. 

The night regimen adds in prescription strength tretinoin (vitamin A) mixed with Blender.

The protocol is powerful and effective but requires careful monitoring. Like all worthwhile ventures, a successful outcome requires compliance and commitment to get the best results.


Skinbetter Science

This exciting new range offer innovative formulation and visibly  better skin with no downtime and has quickly established a coveted place in Dr Rozina Ali’s select repertoire of products that she recommends.

The Rejuvenate range includes alpha hydroxyl acids which improve photo-aged skin by decreasing roughness, discoloration, and overall pigmentation. AHAs also increase the density of collagen and improve the quality of elastic fibres. The innovative formulations have combined AHAs with Glycolic acid that accelerates collagen synthesis and lactic acid that reduces discolouration by accelerating epidermal turnover and directly inhibiting melanin formation.

Alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids are the ideal combination for wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation, however, they had never been successfully combined in one stable formula... until Skinbetter Science.