"Reconstructive microsurgery is an exquisite
example of recycling"

"It is about moving the patient's own tissues from an
area of excess to a distant site"

The basic tenets of reconstruction are "form and function" -
it has to work and it has to look natural.

The practice of microvascular reconstructive surgery refers to the movement of tissues (bone, muscle, fat, or skin) from one part (donor site) to another (recipient site) where there is a deficit of tissue. Microvascular simply refers to the small size of the blood vessels that need to be re-connected using a microscope if blood is to flow into the moved tissue.

The techniques involved are meticulous dissection of small vessels and the intricate reconnection of a new blood supply or reattachment of nerves. Such surgery is time-consuming, requiring painstaking focus and is a skill and labour intensive process. The outcome however is very gratifying and renders a natural result using the patients own tissues.

One of the most pleasing aspects of microsurgery is that it is a team effort and when working with a like-minded team of dedicated consultants, the experience is a great pleasure.

"On one foot you limp; on two feet you sprint."

Intellectually therefore, it was only a small leap to aesthetic surgery - a reconstruction of quality of life requiring meticulous attention to detail.

My practice consists of breast, gynaecological and colorectal reconstruction after major cancer resections or trauma. Such surgeries often require multiple specialties of surgeons to work together in a multi-disciplinary practice.

Such operating is a joy and I appreciate a team approach, with everyone involved playing to his or her professional strengths.

As one of only a few female breast reconstruction specialists, I am a strong advocate of every patient’s right to information and choice. I take an empathetic approach offering expertise and advice to inform and empower my patients.



"Fully informed people invariably make the wisest decisions for themselves."

I trust my patients and once they have made a decision I will support them fully and do my best to fulfil their reasonable surgical expectations.

It's a privilege to be involved in such a significant part of a patient's journey. I am delighted to see them smile afterwards, in the knowledge that they have taken a major step on the road to the life they want to lead.