"I am a huge proponent of self-improvement.
Well considered surgery can sometimes redirect
an entire life."

Aesthetic surgery is that special intersection of the arts, humanities and science – an intricate fusion of compassion, skill and finesse.

It is the practice of restoring or refining self-image, so that the reflection you see in the mirror is the self you believe yourself to be. The image is congruous with your nature and your self-belief.

I see this as a very proactive form of self-actualization, it takes deep self-knowledge, great determination and considerable courage for people to seek to be their true or best selves.

I advocate patient empowerment through knowledge, offering up-to date information and plenty of time. This is supported with surgical excellence, high-performance products, innovative techniques and excellent service to enhance both satisfaction and outcome.

I’m passionate about harnessing what nature gave you: lifting/reshaping or moving your own tissues, using state of the art techniques to extract, purify and re-use your own tissues – recycling to rejuvenate. It’s also why I advocate the use of natural shaped breast implants, retaining as much of your own curves, using products that incorporate with your own tissues and reduce potential complications associated with ‘foreign’ materials.

I believe aesthetics to be a remarkable discipline in its own right and concur with my great friend and mentor Professor Ivo Pitanguy that it is a very profound form of healing.

Aesthetic surgery incorporates psychology, skill and compassion to help people achieve their full aesthetic potential and often their happiest and most fulfilled selves. Feeling attractive and confident in your own skin is the ultimate luxury. To me, it is as meaningful as being well-educated, well-travelled, well-mannered... There is inherent merit in being your best self.

"Dare to be"

There is nothing passive about self-transformation. It takes time and patience to improve adverse lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, smoking, stress, poor nutrition. I will help guide people through such barriers before offering any surgery. I take a holistic, long-term view; after all the practice of aesthetics involves every aspect of the whole person. Where I believe psychological counselling to be of benefit, I will make appropriate referral.

My remit is to enhance and augment the individual in line with their preferred goals.

Professional Ethos

Be Knowledgeable, Be Skilled, Be Sincere

I give my patients the time and space to express themselves. It takes a lot of understanding, experience and expertise to help people achieve their ’best selves’. It can be hard to glean what subtle, personal changes they are looking to achieve.

I always acknowledge that people have been courageous to share their concerns and entrust their well-being to another. It is very much a partnership, a shared sacred responsibility. Unrealistic expectations and passivity are not accepted.


It is widely recognized that all artists, create work in their own image and I think this is true of all craft specialties whether it’s sculpting or surgery. That’s why it’s important for an individual to find an aesthetic practitioner whose aesthetic sensibility and ethos fits with their own so the process and outcome may be in harmony.

My Practice

I practice high-quality surgery with a lot of intellectual integrity. I take my craft, my professional responsibility and my patients’ well-being seriously. I will not embark on surgery without understanding the patient’s needs and knowing the patient is fully informed and aware of the consequences.

Medical care is at its kindest and most beneficial if you have a trusted specialist you see regularly, allowing continuity of care and understanding. Please don’t settle for anything less on your aesthetic journey. Find a clinic or practitioner with the knowledge and expertise to look after you and your aesthetic needs to help you achieve your best outcome.

Elegant Kufic lettering inscribed on an earthenware Abbasid bowl dating back to the 9th Century. The inscription reads “What was done was worthwhile” and reflects perfectly my personal ethos.

What was done was worthwhile