Rozina Ali is a highly skilled aesthetic and microvascular reconstruction surgeon. Her passion is breast aesthetics and the empowering of individuals to be their best selves. She is an expert aesthete with a wealth of experience in aesthetic breast procedures including breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy (breast lift) and symmetrizing procedures. Her creative temperament lends itself well to her other great passion – the face – practicing sophisticated face and neck lifts as well minimal access facelifts and skillful facial liposculpting. Her practice also offers a wide range of Body aesthetic procedures including abdominoplasty, liposuction and excision of moles and other skin or subcutaneous lesions.

Miss Ali advocates the synergistic use of surgery and minimally invasive techniques, she prefers to use your own (autologous) tissues rather than implants or foreign materials. Her practice promotes natural looking results and is proud to offer an holistic, on-going individualised service.