Breast Surgery

Breast aesthetic surgery is my specialist area of expertise and my passion.

I have sought to become highly trained and experienced in both breast aesthetics and reconstruction. I have studied the subject extensively, written papers, book chapters, presented on the subject nationally and internationally.

The aesthetics of Breast reconstruction are fundamental to my practice and I have devoted considerable time and travel to gaining expertise in correcting congenital breast abnormalities and improving breast symmetry; as well as enhancing breast aesthetics with procedures such as augmentations, breast reduction, breast lift and lipofilling.

I favour minimal scar techniques following my training in Belgium but never compromise the final shape of the breast for scar length.

I have been practicing immediate breast-implant based reconstructions since 2006 in Taiwan, where the population has relatively smaller breasts.

Since that time I have pioneered the use of ADMs and larger implants for immediate breast reconstruction and gained an extensive expertise in large-volume lipofilling.


  • Bilateral Breast augmentation
  • Exchange of Implants
  • Capsulotomy/Capsulectomy
  • Bilateral Breast Reduction (BBR)
  • Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
  • Augmentation Mastopexy (lift & augment)
  • Lipofilling
  • Nipple eversion/reduction

Breast Reconstruction

  • Acellular dermal matrix (ADM)
  • Expander/Implant sequence
  • Latissimus Dorsi Muscle (LD) + Implant
  • Free Tissue Transfer (DIEP Flap)
  • Nipple Reconstruction/share
  • Areola tattooing

"In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty."

My Objectives

My primary objective is to listen, understand and take an empathetic approach. I only offer my expertise and advice once we have examined the patient issues and their tissues.

Ideally I would want to offer the most suitable procedures for the most appropriate indication to a fully informed and responsible patient. Achieving excellent long-term outcomes is about matching expectations to surgical feasibility and treating each patient, not just individually, but personally.

An Aesthetic Service

To me, breast surgery is very much a living, three-dimensional art form, but in addition there are social, psychological and emotional meanings associated with breasts. A woman’s curves and proportions are to be cherished and applauded rather than constrained or re-engineered. For me a breast is about curves and hollows, overt splendor and concealed secrets, the obvious and the hidden.

Breast Augmentation

The art of making a breast beautiful is to make it pert, shapely, sit correctly on the curved chest wall and be a suitable size – suitable for the patient, for the chest wall, for the breast tissues and for the patient’s lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to augment breast appearance not just size.

A smart woman will discuss the ‘look’ she is trying to achieve and declare the life she leads. My remit is to understand and use my knowledge of different shapes of implant (round, tear-drop, conical), different positions (sub-glandular, sub-fascial, sub-muscular, dual plane), different implant consistencies, dimensions and projections as well as size to achieve the desired look.

Augmentation alone may not achieve the ideal breast aesthetic and then tissues will require re-draping, nipples re-positioning and skin tightened. These are all factors I discuss at consultation.

I routinely offer breast augmentation as day case surgery allowing people to recuperate at home. I rarely use drains, this further minimises scars and discomfort. All surgery is carried out in a private hospital facility and I favour the use of the Keller funnel, which minimizes any handling of the implant.

I minimize the infra-mammary scar, using my preferred curved incision and tightly ruched subcuticular technique. I advise a supportive non-underwired bra to help with pain relief as well as supporting the weight of the implant and allowing tension-free healing.

Post Surgical Garments

My commitment to service (and good taste!) meant I have been involved in designing my own post-operative support bra in conjunction with the leading UK manufacturer of compression garments (MACOM). I’ve gone for an alluring mix of support and comfort, femininity and practicality.

Breast Reduction

I practice 'minimal' or single scar breast reduction where appropriate. This reduces surgical time and complications. Again I prefer to avoid drains and minimise hospital in-patient stay. I advise a supportive non under-wired bra afterwards as it helps with pain relief, supports the weight of the tissues, minimises space for fluid to collect and allows tension-free wound healing. My outpatient practice routinely offers scar management advice, techniques and creams.

Well Being

The advantages of an FRCS (Plast) breast specialist mean that complex patients and difficult surgeries can be undertaken. I frequently deal with patients with underlying co-morbidites that the commercial sector has refused to treat or complex cases that have had multiple previous procedures. Such procedures rely not only on expertise and experience but working with specialist teams in an expert environment to ensure patient safety and a good aesthetic outcome.

All surgery entails risk, my practice is about honest reflection, excellent service and shared responsibility to achieve the best possible outcome.

All patients are encouraged to take up the BAAPS approved Aesthetic surgery commitment, a surgical warranty to ensure peace of mind and on-going protection in the event of requiring revision surgery.

"We pride ourselves on offering an exemplary service, from start to finish; not just a procedure."

Not All Breasts Are Created Equal

Not all breasts are created equal

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants

Breast Implants