Rozina Ali


"Of all things that are beautiful, the human body is the crown." Bayard Taylor

My dedication to raising self-esteem and optimising the natural aesthetics of the body lies in my belief that every body is intrinsically beautiful and appealing. Health and fitness are key, but if there are curves and proportions to be enhanced, accentuated or restored, then they should be honoured.

The female form has been a constant source of wonder and controversy throughout history. Even today, the female body and its alteration is not just a personal preference but often viewed as a political statement.

The most common re-shaping/re-contouring procedures involve breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, lifting, reshaping, symmetrizing). All these surgeries are destined to rejuvenate and re-invent the female torso. The male chest has belatedly become an aesthetic force and the correction of gynaecomastia is very much on the rise.

"Do anything, but let it produce joy." Walt Whitman



Abdominoplasty is a major aesthetic procedure. It works well to remove excess skin +/- fat from the lower abdomen and is associated with re-fashioning and re-positioning of the umbilicus (belly button). The scars associated with abdominoplasty are not insignificant and need to be accommodated within the patient’s life-style.

Abdominoplasty allows access to plicate or tighten the underlying abdominal wall to add more tone and definition to the figure.

Abdominoplasties therefore offer improved contouring and confidence in clothes and are a very positive procedure. I offer many forms of abdominoplasty including mini (where the belly button is not moved and only the excess tissues of the lower abdomen is removed), full and fleur de lys (this incorporates a vertical scar and addresses excess width of tissue).


Liposuction is the most popular aesthetic procedure in the world. It is most advantageous as a procedure to spot-remove persistent fat. Liposuction is not designed to be a method of weight-loss. Removing fat by disrupting the cells and suction, allows the overlying skin to remain intact. This minimizes scars but the volume reduction can result in loose skin. My practice therefore offers dedicated post-operative care in the form of compression garments and skin care in order to optimize results.

Mechanical force, high-pressure water or ultrasound can all be used to dislodge and disrupt the fat cells before removing by suction. Invasive liposuction is therefore most comfortably performed under sedation or general anaesthesia. If large quantities of fat and fluids are involved, over night stay is recommended in order to monitor shifts in fluids and electrolytes.


The ultimate filler is fat, it is the seeming elixir of youth and curves are always in fashion. Fat is therefore the ultimate permanent natural filler that volumises structures and fills out loose skin. Fat can be used almost everywhere with the potential added benefit of stem cells that rejuvenate and may actually regenerate new tissues.

Fat is an easily accessible body tissue, which contains the highest density of adult stem cells. The youthful splendour of many a face is based on its soft tissue and fat, so too the curves of buttocks and breasts.

An increasing number of women are choosing to have breast augmentation using their own fat tissue rather than implants. Large volume autologous fat transfer can now be safely carried out using a sterile closed system that minimises tissue trauma.

Excision of Lesions

Skin cancers, suspicious lesions, moles, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions – may all can be removed as a local anaesthetic day-case in order to make a diagnosis and remove any unsightly lesions.

Repair of defects with simple direct closure, local flaps, full-thickness or split skin grafts or more major reconstructions can all be undertaken.

I work in close conjunction with local histopathologists and specialists to ensure complete excision and expert diagnosis is achieved.

On-going follow-up can also be provided.

Scar Revision

Any unsightly scars (trauma, congenital, surgical) can be addressed using microneedling, surgical excision and re-suture, re-alignment, z-plasty, lipofilling or more complex reconstructions. Damage to overlying skin quality or colouring may also be addressed.